Do not forget to bring your bike!

News | Do not forget to bring your bike!

16 Mar 2018 | Camping2000 | Algemeen

Do not forget to bring your bike!

Do not forget to take your bike with you when you come to Camping 2000! The area where the campsite is located is called Jizerske Hory with historic cities and varied landscapes. In the vicinity of the campsite are beautiful cycling routes for beginners and experienced cyclists with numerous sights. Cycle through hills, do a mountain stage and explore a plain on a thousand meter above sea level. This is a paradise for hikers and cyclists.

There is a big difference between cycling in the Czech Republic and cycling in the Netherlands. That is why it is important to be well prepared. Many cyclists in the Czech Republic wear a helmet while cycling. Children up to the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet.

The most important thing about a good bike ride is the bicycle. Make sure you have a good bike. There are also places where you can rent a bike.
The roads in the Czech Republic differ in quality per municipality. For example, cycling in one municipality is a pleasure to cycle through with new asphalt and the roads in the next village are full of holes (fortunately less and less).

The most accessible is the Mountainbike because it allows you to cross all the terrain. An electric bike is also worth considering and a lot more comfortable. The roads and villages around the campsite are good and 90% is equipped with new asphalt. But it is advisable to plan the route in advance.
Around the campsite a bicycle route of 25 km has recently been built where no cars drive. Numerous bicycle routes are well marked by means of marking and lead on quiet motorways. Most drivers take into account cyclists.

Cycling with the bike bus

Visit the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic by bike or on foot without having to trudge up yourself. The bike bus runs until September and ensures that you can achieve beautiful cycling and walking tours that you otherwise do not encounter cycling. The bicycle bus transports you and possibly your bike. There are also chair lifts that you can take. As soon as you are above you can cycle down or walk through the beautiful mountain scenery. This is a good combination of being active and enjoying your trips comfortably. On a bike ride you will always find a pleasant café.



A family campsite in the Czech Republic in the heart of the beautiful hills of the Czech Jizera Mountains in northern Bohemia. The ideal family campsite with a swimming pool where children can enjoy all day.



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