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General conditions Camping 2000

Corona Vouchers 2020

You can use the vouchers you received in 2020 until 2022. These vouchers are not exchangeable for money because there were no travel restrictions for the Czech Republic in the summer of 2020. The borders were open to tourists as were all facilities and catering. If you do not want to travel because it feels unsafe, you are not entitled to compensation. Fear is not a ‘valid’ reason to cancel the trip free of charge. If you yourself are (seriously) ill and are unable to travel, you can contact your cancellation insurance.

Corona Rebooking guarantee 2021

Rebook your trip free of charge when the Czech border is closed. You can rebook the trip at Camping 2000 free of charge if the Czech government closes the borders for tourists on the day of Departure. You can rebook the trip until December 31, 2021 for the summer of 2022. This only applies to holidays booked on our own website, not if you have booked through another provider, they have their own conditions.


After your reservation, Camping 2000 will send you a confirmation as soon as possible, which also serves as an invoice. In the event of a later arrival for your camping pitch or accommodation or earlier departure than booked, no refund will be made for the unused camping pitch or accommodation. The maximum number of people per camping house or mobile home is 8 people and 6 people for the tents.

A baby kit can only be guaranteed if requested at the same time as booking. The number of beds in a camping cabin or mobile home is geared to 6 or 8 people. Pets are only allowed if permission has been requested in the reservation request and Camping 2000 gives permission to bring your pet.

You are directly liable for any consequences such as damage to the camping cottage or mobile home and nuisance to other holidaymakers. In the worst case you will be asked to leave the campsite. You are then not entitled to a refund.


After receipt of the reservation confirmation, half of the travel sum must be paid within 14 days.

The remainder of the travel sum for the camping pitch can be paid on arrival at the campsite. The remainder of the travel sum for the accommodation must be paid 4 weeks before arrival at the campsite. If the deposit and/or remainder of the travel sum is not paid within the set term, Camping 2000 reserves the right to cancel the reservation and the applicant is liable for the cancellation costs (see cancellation conditions).

In the event of late payment, all costs, both judicial and extrajudicial costs, will be borne by the applicant, including the statutory interest on the outstanding amount from the month after the payment date, as stated on the booking confirmation.

Changes to already confirmed reservations

The applicant can make changes to the reservation free of charge up to 8 weeks before arrival. After that, the change costs are € 20.00. For changes made within 10 days of the date of the reservation confirmation
applied, no costs will be charged. Changes involving a partial cancellation are subject to the cancellation conditions for that portion.

If the reserved period is extended during the stay at the campsite, you must pay for the extra stay at the campsite, according to the prices indicated on the website.

No claims can be made on any offers.

Cancellation Policy

Reserveringen kunnen alleen schriftelijk worden geannuleerd door een email te sturen aan [email protected]

For cancellations up to 12 weeks before arrival, 20% of the travel sum will be charged
charged with a minimum of €100.00.

In case of cancellations between 12 and 8 weeks before arrival, 60% of the travel sum will be refunded
charged, with a minimum of €100.00.

For cancellations between 8 and 4 weeks before arrival, 80% of the travel sum will be charged
charged with a minimum of €100.00.

In case of cancellations between 4 weeks before arrival and the day of arrival itself,
the full travel sum will be charged.


1. The deposit per booking is € 100. If the accommodation is left tidy, without damage and clean (unless cleaning costs have been paid) on departure, the deposit will be refunded to the bank account specified by you.


Camping 2000 cannot accept any liability for loss, theft, damage or injury, however this damage or injury may have arisen. Participation in activities organized on or by the campsite is entirely at your own risk.

Users must respect the rules of conduct established by Camping 2000 for guests present on its site.

In the early and late season, Camping 2000 may be forced to use a number of facilities
not to be offered to guests.

Camping 2000 is not obliged to refund the travel sum to the applicant in the event of force majeure. Force majeure should in any case be understood to mean – without being exhaustive -:

the declaration of a state of emergency in the area where the campsite is located, the outbreak of contagious diseases that can be dangerous for humans and/or animals (e.g. BSE, swine fever and foot and mouth disease). and impending flooding.

If you have a legitimate complaint, we would appreciate it if you inform us as soon as possible by sending an email to [email protected], we will then try to find an acceptable solution.

We wish you a nice holiday at Camping 2000

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The “Drop” is a key ring on which you can load credit. This allows you to shower for 5 minutes for 10 Czech crowns. Deposit: 20 euros. Any remaining credit will be refunded upon return.

At the pool there is a restaurant serving ice creams, snacks, pizzas, burgers, salads, cocktails and entertainment. You can go to the mini market for some much-needed groceries.

In the Camping 2000 app you can order bread rolls that are delivered fresh from the bakery in the morning. It also contains information about the area and the activity program of the campsite.

You will not find waste bins at Camping 2000. You can put your garbage bags in the large blue compactor at the beginning of the campsite outside the gate.

Frequently Asked Questions

The reception is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Why choose Camping 2000?

Excellent Facilities

Camping 2000 includes a swimming pool, sanitary buildings and many different accommodations.

Family campsite

Fun for young and old. There is always something to do for the little ones, but the parents can also enjoy themselves.

Beautiful environment

The campsite is located in the middle of nature. Walk, bike or scooter to discover nature!