Safaritent XXL



45m2 on a wooden platform

Free WiFi

The safari tents have free wifi from the campsite

Fully furnished

fully equipped and suitable for up to 6 persons

Luxurious Safaritent XXL with Bathroom, Kitchen and wooden platform


These XXL Safari Tents are brand new and have a kitchen and bathroom!

For anyone who wants to "camp with comfort".


Lovely camping in an XXL safari tent with its own kitchen and a complete bathroom. These tents stand on a wooden platform of 45m2. There is a spacious living space. There are 2 bedrooms. 1 with a double box spring and 1 with 2 bunk beds.  The tent has a spacious terrace.

What has changed compared to the old safari tent?

1 - We used a different fabric that lasts longer and stays beautiful, namely tent fabric from Ten Cate outdoor Fabrics.

2 - The steel construction has been replaced by wooden poles, which enhances the feeling of nature.

3 - The tent has a snow frame so that it can stay outside all year round and can withstand a lot of snow.

4 - The tent is larger. The old safari tent stood on a platform of 7 x 5 meters and the new one is 9 x 5 meters.

5 - There is a complete private bathroom in the tent so a visit to the sanitary building is a thing of the past.

6 - Each tent has a sink with water connection.

7 - The canvas walls have been replaced by scaffolding walls.

8 - There is a lounge corner in the tent made of scaffolding wood and a picnic table outside on the veranda.

9 - There are sliding stable doors in the tents. no less than 3 per tent. 1x 80 cm door for the master bedroom,

     2 x 70 cm door for the children's room and for the bathroom.

10 - There will be a double box spring in the master bedroom. In the children's room there will be 2 bunk beds.


 You can already book them for 2021.





We always enjoy our stay at camping 2000, we can't wait to go back again. We love going to the Czech Republic each year!

Familie Jansen

Regular visitor at the campsite and we always enjoy our holiday.



Luxury Pitch approx 140m2

The campsite has various fields with pitches including car free pitches.

From € 36,-

Mobilehomes Waikiki

The mobilehomes of camping 2000 have been placed in May 2018 and have 3 seperate bedrooms

From € 58

Mobilehomes Bali

The Mobilehomes of camping 2000 have been placed in May 2018 on the most beautiful places on the campsite.

From € 53,-


A family campsite in the Czech Republic in the heart of the beautiful hills of the Czech Jizera Mountains in northern Bohemia. The ideal family campsite with a swimming pool where children can enjoy all day.



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